Share Your Silver Linings

STUDENTS: What was YOUR Silver Lining from 2020?

2020 brought a lot of unexpected challenges - we haven't been able to see our friends and teachers as much as we would have liked! BUT, sometimes the sun shines through and there's a silver lining behind every cloud. Can you tell us about something unexpected that made you happy or grateful last year?

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Please note, submissions for videos are now closed, but TELL US YOUR WRITTEN silver linings BELOW!
Please answer one of the following questions in this format:
  1. "My silver lining is..."

  2. "The thing I missed most about FAIS was..."

  • 5-25 words
Note to Parents:

These silver linings are intended to be used in our Virtual Gala. Quotes that are included will include the first name of the student and their grade.

Thank you! We can't wait to hear your silver linings!

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