Class Projects

Foraged Fibers – A Rainy Day in Forest Park
MoMA Museum of Maternelle Art
Perspective is Everything
Stronger Together
Across the Seven Seas
Fleur de Vie
Tous Pareils, Tous Differents / All the Same, All Different
Les Silhouettes
Destination FAIS
C'est une belle journée!
Portland's Prints
Mille Fleurs
Coucher de Soleil Sur le Monde
Les Ponts de Portland
Les Ponts de Portland
La Révolution
Nailed It
Melting Watch by Salvador Dali, a Masterpiece Mosaic:  100 years of Influence!
All Eyes on Me
Puzzling Around Portland
This Is Eighth Grade Us

This year, the children in the TPS section had the task of learning the alphabet. This project had the students use their bodies to demonstrate each of the letters they'd learned. While each child was being photographed, their classmates created art for the more difficult letters to represent. So much fun! 

Medium: Photography and watercolor alphabet | Size: 36" x 23" 
Created by: The children of Joy Zias and Kellie Jordan's Toute Petite Section Class
Coordinated by: Stephany Paull