Host a Watch Party

Watch Party FAQs


Q: What is a watch party?

A: In a hybrid event landscape, hosting watch parties is a great way to get community connected in support of FAIS. A watch party is part of having a meaningful gathering, where you purposefully invite people to screen the upcoming Fête du Vin, virtually at home. You can design your watch party to your liking, tailoring it to your audience and invitees. Whichever way they choose to throw a watch party, the goal is to bring together a close circle of friends in a small intimate gathering, as safely as possible, in support of FAIS.

Q: Who does what? 

A: The host’s responsibility is to plan and execute the watch party with a small group of friends in their home. The fun of hosting is that each host gets to design their own mini Fête. Hosts are responsible for the food, beverages and invite list for the evening. To make planning easier, we've created a "Party Pack," which includes wine, charcuterie, and dessert for 6-8 people!

Q: What are some COVID considerations to keep in mind?

A: As a host, the watch party can look and feel any way you want it to, with safety precautions set and executed to the comfort and safety of you and your guests. First and foremost, check and follow CDC Guidelines. Additionally, consider asking your guests if there is anything they need to feel comfortable attending. Some suggestions for hosts are:

  • Communicate in advance how many people will be invited

  • Ask guests to stay home if they have been exposed to COVID or are not feeling well

  • Let guests know if the gathering will be held outdoors or indoors

  • Establish any protocols or rules in advance (for example, asking all guests to do a temperature check upon arrival)

Q: What are some key elements for a successful watch party?

A: To host a successful watch party, the host first needs to identify a guest list and determine the attendee cap, set clear expectations for invitees and provide specific direction to guests. Other key elements for a successful watch party include:

  • Identify the “why” of the gathering and make it personal to you

  • Set a fundraising goal in advance

  • Invite those unable to attend to still tune in and participate

  • Communicate to your attendees all event details, including date, time, address, parking, COVID restrictions, how and where to donate, etc.

  • Test your TV set-up prior to the watch party event day

  • During the event and prior to the screening, you can share with your guests why FAIS matters to you and thank them for attending. This is also an opportunity to share how you’re involved in FAIS and inspire people to participate

  • Be present during the screening to help encourage people to buy raffle tickets and ask questions during the show

  • Following the event, make sure to send a digital card or email thanking your guests for attending and donating

Q: How do you set up your broadcast?

A: There are a few ways you can view the broadcast on your TV:

  • You can watch it via Zoom. You can find the link at on the day of the event.

  • If your computer has an HDMI port, use an HDMI cable and connect your computer to the TV manually. Here is a how-to video on this. Once connected you can simply view by entering the event’s livestream link into your internet browser. 

  • You can wirelessly pair your device with your smart TV via screen mirroring. Here are how-to videos for iPhone, Android and Samsung users.

Start-to-finish Checklist

4 weeks out
  • Send an event email blast and collect RSVPs

  • Purchase as many Party Packs as you need from FAIS (includes wine, charcuterie, and dessert for 6-8 people!)

1 week out
  • Send an e-mail communication to confirmed guests with event details, where to park, what to expect, etc. 

  • Send an email blast reminding guests they can still RSVP for the watch party (optional)

  • Prepare talking points if you plan to speak more on the FAIS mission and reason for gathering 

  • Create a guest sign-in sheet for the day of event that includes their name, address, and email

  • Set up and test audio and video equipment

Day of event
  • Final test of audio and video equipment

  • Prepare your space, food and wine

  • Greet your guests as they arrive

  • Be present to help answer questions as needed

After the event
  • Send a personalized thank you to your guests

  • Tell us how your watch party went!