Annual Fund

At FAIS, we’re fortunate that tuition covers the majority of things to keep the school running. There are also a number of things that wouldn’t be possible without the Annual Fund.

Awakening a creative talent. Empowering teachers with development opportunities to inspire our students. Forging a connection to the environment through our nature trail and Discovery Park.

Fill in the blank, and chances are… the Annual Fund helps make it possible. Join in making more things possible. Participate in the Annual Fund today!


Make CREATIVITY Possible

lower school students crafting--working with construction paper and ink


From licensing musical scores for the 2nd grade play to paying for clay, wheels and a kiln for our ceramics program, the Annual Fund makes CREATIVITY possible at FAIS.

DID YOU KNOW? Each year, FAIS invests over $11,000 in music and art supplies.

“My daughter’s creativity and love of art continues to grow. The Annual Fund makes that possible by providing first class art supplies, a kiln for ceramics and field trips to art museums and the theater.”


Storytime in the FAIS Library


From interactive learning tools and everyday resources to educational conferences, certification, and training, the Annual Fund makes INSPIRATION possible.

DID YOU KNOW? Each year, FAIS invests over $400 per student in technology and classroom supplies... and $32,000 into books and online resources for our libraries.

FAIS helps students reach their full potential by supporting teachers to reach our full potential. Last year I attended a 30-hour professional development course on using linguistics to support literacy development. This program is based on cutting edge research and puts us ahead of most traditional literacy programs out there. We’re teaching college level concepts about linguistics to elementary schoolers! I think that’s pretty amazing, and it’s thanks to FAIS’s commitment to constant learning, growth, and innovation for children and teachers alike.


Make DISCOVERY Possible

Lower School science outside classroom


From our amazing on-campus forest and libraries to engaging off-campus field trips, the Annual Fund makes DISCOVERY possible.

DID YOU KNOW? Each year, FAIS invests over $300 per student to maintain our grounds (including the nature trail and Discovery Park)... and $65,000 for field trips that provide experiential learning experiences.

Concepts she learns in class are brought to life and given a global context. The Annual Fund makes that possible by providing transportation to experiences away from the FAIS campus.


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