High School French Program

The Gilkey International High School Program consists of advanced, immersion-based language courses for students with a solid, high-level foundation of the language and the ability to read, analyze, and discuss literature and grade-level appropriate material in the language.

These specialized year-long courses focus on increasing students' fluency and proficiency in reading, comprehension, as well as written and oral communication.

Critical thinking skills will be emphasized; students will be encouraged to express their own opinions, reflect on these opinions, and analyze opposing viewpoints. They will be exposed to a variety of topics drawn from literary pieces as well as current events and from a variety of sources. Students will continue to work on developing fluency (pace, rhythm, intonation, expanded vocabulary).

Our year-long advanced French courses will take place near Lincoln High School. Tuition is $2,280/year. Incoming 9th and 10th grade high school students are welcome to enroll. After application and admission, the schedule and times for the class will be distributed; they have commonly been held during Lincoln High School's first period, three days a week.

This class will serve to prepare students to take the STAMP test as well as the DELF/DALF exams up through B2. It will also serve as strong groundwork for students to enroll in a C1 (French DALF) preparation class. The after school DELF/DALF programs will continue to be offered once a week on the FAIS campus for the students who are not able to enroll in the high school course.

For more information on these courses, please contact Emmanuelle Burk: (503) 292-7776 x1602.