Middle School Students Present Proposals to Local Legislators


Middle School students in Minda McCandless' class have worked on concurrent units for most of this semester: mock trial/moot court and citizen engagement.


For the latter, students chose an issue they saw needing attention in our community or state, conducted research on possible policies, and created a specific proposal to present to the appropriate public body who would address the issue.


Our first three groups presented to the Portland City Council on May 11 and showed amazing preparation and poise! Our students start around the 15-minute mark and conclude around the 40-minute mark, speaking on issues of Earthquake Preparedness and Food Deserts.


Three more groups presented to the Portland City Council on May 25, who also impressed the council with their preparation and poise. These groups of students start around the 25-minute mark and conclude around the 44-minute mark, speaking on issues of School Safety Zones, Support for Houseless Citizens, and Pothole Problem-Solving. 


Our final group of students is scheduled to present to Senator Janeen Sollman and Representative Barbara Smith Warner on June 1 (which will not be recorded), speaking on the issue of 4-year college affordability for Oregonians.


Congratulations, students -- we're so proud of you for your hard work and for embodying key IB Learner Profile attributes of being knowledgeable, courageous (risk-takers), and thinkers!