8th Grade French Track: American Revolution


Eighth grade French track students in Angélique Cansse’s Individuals and Societies class concluded their unit on the American Revolution with a fun project to capture important events and documents that helped build the United States. From timelines, puzzles, and comics to skits, songs, whiteboards (one example), and videos (one example)… students loved the freedom to be creative and express their unique personalities in their work.


Fellow 8th graders in Ansel Argüelles’ Spanish track class were invited to class to share their projects from the same unit. Part two of this project consisted of an oral/written assessment, with the opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration among all five tracks – French, German, International, Mandarin, and Spanish – to prepare, exchange ideas, and formulate outlines for their written articles or oral presentations.


This unit also served as a launching point for their next unit on American History (Nation and Power), which examined power, resolution of conflicts, compromise, and obstacles of becoming a nation… as well as a wonderful preparation for the 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. in May!