7th Grade: Printemps des poètes


Every year during spring, the French Ministry of Culture organizes Le Printemps des Poètes (Poets' Spring). The goal is to encourage students of all ages to discover a vast collection of poetic works, to awaken young readers' sensitivity, and to allow them to develop critical thinking skills. 


Marion Rosier’s 7th grade French track students recently completed a unit that was dedicated to Love, and the way it is expressed in literature or arts. Each student selected a poem from a Love Poems Anthology. After conducting research on the poem's author, students applied themselves to formally analyze the form of the poem itself, and then its meaning. 


Using the poem as an inspiration, each student created a unique poster and recorded themselves reading the poem in an expressive way – some students even added instrumental background music. They then made their recordings accessible through a QR code on their poster, creating multiple avenues for connecting with the poetry through our different senses.