6th and 7th Grade Return to Outdoor School!

With the return of field trips and class trips, this year marked the return to outdoor school for our 6th and 7th grade classes! 


Students were able to stay for four days and three nights at Camp Baker, taking part in a variety of activities  – from measuring a 355 year old tree’s circumference to calculate its age, birdwatching with binoculars, making mandalas, dissecting owl pellets to spending time at the tide pools, sharing songs and stories (and s’mores!) around the campfire. They even stopped at Honeyman State Park along the way to learn about dune ecology and do some sand sledding!


Thank you, parents, for helping make this happen! We'd like to especially thank Camp Baker, Beth Clifton, Jeff Luther, and the parent volunteer chaperones and teachers who gave up their time and energy to accompany the groups. In addition to supervising the students, they also found time to take a few pictures. Enjoy!


6th Grade Outdoor School Photos

7th Grade Outdoor School Photos