Preschoolers Learn About Jobs


Preschoolers enjoyed a two-month inquiry series into different jobs and responsibilities within a community – including staff and families at FAIS!


As part of their International Baccalaureate (IB) unit “We depend on one another,” students learned about jobs ahead of time – through books, videos, and building basic research skills – to prepare questions to ask their special guests, including: an artist, ballet dancer, colorectal surgeon (who promised not to talk about “booty surgery”), consultant, fashion designer, dentist, ER nurse, farmer, interventional radiologist, scientist, veterinarian, and our USPS mail carrier.



At the end of the unit, students created a web of all the jobs and how everything (and everyone) is connected in a community.


Thank you to all of our special guests for sharing their time and stories to help bring learning to life for some of our youngest students!