First Grade: Must Love Bugs!

As FAIS teacher Stephanie Martin-Sewall explains, loving bugs seems to be a prerequisite for being a first grader! 


“In first grade, we love bugs!” We study the life cycle of several living things as part of our unit of inquiry. In April, we observe  organisms in our class -- some follow a complete metamorphosis (like the butterfly and the beetle) while others have an incomplete metamorphosis (like the praying mantis).”


Every year, first graders are in charge of taking care of the campus’ Mason bees. As part of their unit of inquiry (Organisms are interconnected), students learn that all living things impact another one. The Mason bees are very good pollinators, which is important to help your plants grow.


First graders also learn that while some organisms have good connections, some organisms have bad connections: these are called parasites. Our FAIS Forest helps illustrate this by teaching us how to distinguish between native plants, which are an example of good connections (and the best food for Pacific Northwest animals) and invasive plants, which are examples of bad connections (and why FAIS is taking actions to remove them from our forest).