5th Grade PYP Exhibition 2022


For the first time in three years, 5th graders were able to present their projects in-person – to staff and students during the day, and to families in the evening!


The 5th Grade PYP Exhibition is the culminating project of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme, and an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge, concepts, approaches to learning skills and IB Learner Profile attributes. Students engaged in in-depth collaborative inquiry on a real-life opportunity or problem of interest with local and global implications. Through student-led collaborative inquiry, students investigated real life issues or problems of interest to them.


5th Grade Exhibition 2022

Students presented in both English and French, arranged for different age groups, and covered an impressive and broad range of lines of inquiry.


Kindergarten and older:

  • Invasive species impact the world around us and cause major damage to our native ecosystems.

  • Global warming is present and we can make an impact.

  • Humans can aid and discover diverse marine ecosystems.

5th Grade Exhibition 2022


2nd grade and older:

  • The process of being in a musical or an audition can be very difficult

  • The uniqueness of Russian culture is shaped by its history, people and place in the world.

  • The main way to have privacy on social media is to be aware of what you are posting.

  • Regular sports inspire the development of brand new extreme sports.

  • Our knowledge about space has evolved and changed over time.

  • Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty and there are ways to manage it.

  • Anyone can become a movie director with the right skills and practice.

  • Art shares different perspectives and allows people to express themselves.


All ages:

  • Entertainment industries can have positive influences and dark sides.

  • Illegal animal trade affects animals in the world.

  • Ocean pollution is dangerous and can harm ecosystems.


Congratulations to all of our 5th graders! Thank you to all of the mentors who volunteered their time to help students in their exhibition journey, and to everyone else who helped make the exhibition a success!