Louis Tanguy (’09) Immerses in International Soccer Industry to Pursue Dream Career

"As a former student at FAIS, I wanted to share with the community a trip in Europe that I have now been on for three months focused around my passion for soccer (or football in the rest of the world). Two years ago, I set out to put together this trip for myself around the major European cities in order to experience the sport that I have always played and loved.


Being French but mostly growing up in Portland, I never really had the occasion to attend many major soccer games in Europe yet the passion for the sport never left me. After graduating college (I attended the University of Oregon, Go Ducks!) and a year and a half at a marketing agency in Portland, I decided that I wanted to pursue that passion and look to start a professional career in the soccer industry.


Instead of sending out resumes and meeting people to try to get a job right away, I set out on this trip to further study the culture of soccer across Europe to gain a greater understanding of the sport and its industry. The trip has had two main goals from the start: (1) attend games of some of the major European clubs to understand their culture, history, and fans and (2) meet professionals that work in the soccer industry to create a network and understand the various roles that exist so I can guide myself towards the jobs that interest and fit me the most.


After three months of traveling across France, Spain, England, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, I can proudly say that it was the best decision I have made as I've enjoyed the trip of a lifetime. I've attended 18 games of the biggest clubs in the world (Barca, Real Madrid, PSG, Juventus, Arsenal, Dortmund, Manchester City to name a few) and met over 50 people that work in various functions around soccer. As the trip is coming to an end and I prepare to return to Portland mid-June, I'll be using my French and American cultures along with my knowledge and experiences in soccer to look for a job in the industry either in the US to help the game grow here, or back in Europe if opportunities arise.


If anyone is interested to see more of my journey, I have an Instagram page dedicated to my trip where I shared photos of all the games and stadiums I went to: @thebeautifulgame_lt.”

-Louis Tanguy, FAIS 2003-07