Thank you to Summer Camp staff -- including alumni!

Thank you to all of our Summer Camp staff (including 5 FAIS alumni!) for making this summer so special for our returning and soon-to-be students! It was such a joy to see camps back on campus, to hear the laughter, and to feel a return to a semblance of normalcy.


We’d like to recognize current FAIS staff, who led camps this summer -- as usual, you rocked it and continue to come up with ways to keep things fun and fresh!


Chrissy Beeler (since 2011)

Phoebe Bellisario (since 2019)

Ryland Hutchison (since 2019)

Kellie Jordan (since 2018)

Yilda Yao Ortega (since 2018)

Nadia Radji (since 2005)

Ron Thomas (since 2005)

Dave Yeager (since 2018)


We’d also like to highlight FAIS alumni who joined the Summer Camp team this year -- you’re welcome back to campus anytime, and we wish you the best in your journeys ahead!



Savannah Corradini, ‘15 (French Track)

Current school: University of Southern California ‘23, French major, International Relations and Consumer Behavior double-minor

Why I joined the Summer Camp team:  “I chose to join the FAIS summer camp team because I love working with kids and giving back to the community that gave so much to me and was such a big part of my life growing up. I also thought being a french major, it would be great to go work at a place that is rooted in the French language. Lastly, I loved the aids when I went there and looked up to them so much, so I wanted to play that role for the kiddos who go there now!”




Aislyn Putnam, ‘16 (French Track)

Current school: University of Oregon ‘24, English major, Korean minor

Why I chose to join the Summer Camp team: “I joined the summer camp team at FAIS this year because it let me do something that I loved during the summer. I love working with kids and leading summer camps, so I was excited to take that opportunity to do summer camp where I used to go to school.”







Capucine Rosier, ‘15 (French Track)

Current school: Portland State University ‘23, Marketing and Advertising Management major

Why I chose to join the Summer Camp team: “I decided to join the Summer Camp team because I went to FAIS for 9 years and had the best memories at that school. FAIS feels like home and I love working in an environment with the same people who watched me grow up.”







Riya Sivakumar, ‘15 (International Track)

Current school: Pomona College ‘23, Neuroscience major

Why I joined the Summer Camp team: “Growing up, some of my favorite camp memories were from the ones I attended at Gilkey. When I saw the opportunity to help out I jumped at it. This summer was an amazing time to reconnect with a community that gave me so much.”





Parmis Taraghi, ‘14 (French Track)

Current school: Barnard College ‘22, Economics and English double-major

Why I joined the Summer Camp team: “I chose to join the FAIS summer team so that I could help inspire students in the ways that I was inspired as a camper back in Elementary and Middle School.  Kids have an unbridled curiosity that is unmatched in adults. It’s always fun to escape my world and enter into theirs.”