Happy Holidays: Celebrating Family, Traditions...and “Blucky Gloves!”

For me this season is filled with memories that evoke long traditions, joy, and laughter. One of my fondest memories and traditions was Christmas Eve at my grandmother’s house. We had a large family, so the house was filled with kids and adults, food, and, of course, presents. Christmas Eve was when Mum-mum (my grandmother) gave all the grandkids their practical gifts: gloves, hats, pajamas, etc. 


One Christmas, my older brother, who was quite young at the time, opened Mum-mum’s gift and blurted, “Ew, blucky gloves!” My mother was mortified, but my grandmother thought it was hilarious. A new family moment had been created. “Blucky gloves” became a common phrase in our family growing up. It was used to describe anything from food we didn’t like to having too much homework. 


Emily and I have created some of our own family traditions throughout the past eighteen years with our kids, and we have created memories that will last our lifetimes. For us—and I am sure for all you—this time of year is about celebrating family and friends, reflecting on the past year, and looking to the next with excitement and anticipation. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of the FAIS community, and I look forward to continuing to immerse myself more as the New Year begins. 


May none of your holiday have any “blucky gloves” in it, and I hope your time is filled with joy, peace, and love. 


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.