Genius Hour Elevator Speeches


As part of their public speaking class, 6th graders have been participating in a form of Genius Hour -- special, autonomous time set aside to innovate, explore new things, or devote to passion projects (yielding Post-Its at 3M and Gmail at Google).


Students conducted 5 hours of research, consulted with experts, and presented 60-second elevator speeches to their classmates on what they’ve learned so far. Topics included:


  • Baking the perfect chocolate souffle
  • Paleontology
  • How to make your own bow and arrow
  • What it takes to become a great skateboarder
  • Coding your own video game from scratch
  • How stop animation works
  • Graphic art
  • How to become a great pianist


In June, they’ll conclude their project with a 5-minute presentation on the the entire process and share finished products… maybe even some chocolate souffle for breakfast!