8th Graders Present Digital Maps to Group of Experts

Students in Mrs. Sinclair’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Design class had the opportunity to present their work to a group of experts -- including geomentors David Bantas and Hunter Shobe from Portland State University, Christina Friedle from PCC, and Annie Trambley from Quantum Spatial. They were also treated to a black powder cartography demonstration by Matthew Hampton from Portland Metro.


These students are doing university-level work with digital map making software, and tackling important issues affecting our local and national communities:


  • Affordable Housing in Portland (Alexander and Krissy)
  • Anti-Vaccination Rates in Oregon (Rafe and Riley)
  • Climate Change and Health in the U.S. (Chloe and Maneli)
  • Healthcare in the U.S. (Mariella)
  • Safety in Portland (Athena and Charlotte)


Congratulations to our students for pushing the boundaries of what kids can do with GIS, and showing how this technology can help spark solutions to help create a better and more peaceful world! Learn more about their accomplishments through GIS design at FAIS (scrolling down to the published articles, videos, and interviews).