8th Graders Present at Moot Court

International Track 8th graders have spent many of the past weeks preparing for the culmination of their unit on Law and Argument: a moot court presentation. 


Using an actual case (JDB v North Carolina), two essential questions emerged: Should age be considered when determining whether or not someone is in custody for Miranda purposes? What harm, if any, may come from including or not including age as a factor to consider?


Skills worked on include: persuasive argument, seeing multiple perspectives, written and oral organization, using precedent (fact) to support opinions, critical thinking, and teamwork. Pathos, ethos, and logos all were present at some point in the presentations.


Students presented oral arguments, then were put on the spot during their January 23rd field trip, as they responded to questions from three Multnomah County judges.


Thanks to Classroom Law Project for partnering with us on this unit -- this class was a pilot program for possibly introducing other middle schools to moot court programming and opportunities.