8th Grade Trips

Each year, our 8th graders have the opportunity to embark on a two-week class trip to the country of their beginning language (French, German, Mandarin, or Spanish). These trips are an FAIS tradition and a culmination of both their cultural and language learning.

This year, we were excited to add a trip to Washington, DC for students who preferred an option that was shorter (one week) and closer to home… but still offered the same opportunity to expand their perspective and reinforce our commitment to international mindedness and developing global citizens.

Thank you to all of our trip chaperones -- without you, our students would not have these unforgettable experiences:


"Getting to Martinique was a chaos, but it was a beautiful chaos"

(Martinique, 11 students, chaperoned by Angélique Cansse and Denise LeBlond)


"We had a great time visiting so many museums and memorials, more particularly Martin Luther King's one 'out of a mountain of despair, a stone of hope', and so much fun with the Spy Museum!"

(Washington, DC, 8 students, Marion Rosier and Brigitte  Siran)


"Don't take any pictures of me smiling!"

(Austria, 13 students, chaperoned by Angelika Oedekoven and Emmanuelle Burk)


"One of the best highlights of my three years at Gilkey! Traveling to a different country to learn another language is pretty cool, and I definitely want to continue learning Spanish, and go back and see my correspondent."

(Spain trip, 13 students, chaperoned by Anselmo Argüelles and Christiane  Seydel)


"I am in love with cities I have never been to and people I have never met."

(Chile, 11 students, chaperoned by Gloria Widdows and Stephan Cohen)


"Wow there's 7-eleven everywhere!"

(Taiwan, 4 students, chaperoned by Julie Duffield and Kelly Chen)