Simple Machines by 3rd Graders

The 3rd grade students in Nathalie’s class were given the challenge of moving a heavy object over a certain distance, using the simple machines they have been discovering in their PYP unit on “where we are in place and time,” with the central idea of “People try to improve their way of life over time.” Students worked in the makerspace (l'espace créatif) with Nathalie Debrun-Sittler 3rd grade teacher and Molly Hamill, science teacher.  

Their machines are made of cardboard, wood, and string. The goal was to create a weight-lifting device with a system of pulleys. Principles of physics were explored. This challenge helped them work together as a team and discover how simple machines actually work in practical ways. Students recorded the creation process in small books with photos and comments, also on display at the FAIS Library.

Bravo, les CE2! Come to the Library to see the exhibit before it is taken down after ACE Week!