Kindergarteners Support Local Foster Families

The kindergarten classes are wrapping up their unit on "Who we are," with the central idea "The needs of a child correspond to the responsibilities of a caregiver."


One of the topics that has come up in this unit has been foster families and their work with children in foster care. As their summative assessment, the students brainstormed the items they would need to have in their houses to help meet the needs of a baby in foster care, then they suggested that we check in with local foster families to determine what needs they might have currently that we could help with.


As a result, we partnered with a local organization called "With Love" that supports foster families in the Portland area. Students went through their new/lightly-used clothing, toys, and other supplies at their house and donated them to the organization today, December 20.


This has been a great community action and partnership, and the students have been so eager to help support foster families as they work to meet the needs of children in their care.