Kindergarten/1st Grade Bedtime Story Assembly


Kindergarten and 1st grade families gathered Thursday night for Bedtime Story Assembly: a 25-year FAIS tradition started by longtime English teacher, Robin Faltersack.


Kids and parents got comfy (some even sporting their best pajamas) and settled in with some cookies and milk to hear bedtime stories from around the world. This year, in honor of the more than 35 languages spoken in the homes of our students, we read stories in 11 different languages: English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hawaiian, Japanese, Latvian, Russian, Spanish, and Telugu.


Thank you to the 21 parent volunteers who helped make this night so special and bring these stories to life -- complete with sound effects and humor! What a great reminder of the importance of celebrating the written word as a family and encouraging young people to discover the complexity of the world beyond their own experience.