New Reopening Metrics

As you know, Governor Brown announced a change in the Oregon Department of Education metrics for reopening last Friday. ODE also shared the reasoning for updating the metrics:

  • Improve support systems for children. Student relationships are key to meeting students needs, whether they are related to physical health, mental health, social-emotional wellness, nutrition, physical needs like shelter and clothing, or educational needs.
  • COVID-19 spread can be mitigated in schools. While we can’t eliminate the risk, Oregon’s Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance can help mitigate it through key practices, including: physical distancing, face coverings, hand hygiene, cohorting, cleaning and disinfecting, airflow and ventilation, effective screening, responses to cases with quick access to testing, and implementing isolation and quarantining.

The new metrics (attached image) can be seen in comparison to the previous metrics, shared by Beaverton School District. As you will see, we are unable to open in a hybrid format yet (a combination of distance and on-campus learning), but we are continuing to develop our plans so we will be ready to open once Multnomah and Washington counties meet the requirements. We’ve also created a snapshot of our Reopening Blueprint, which helps gather the most essential details for our families. Please know that this document could evolve before we are in a hybrid model. Thank you!