FAIS Teachers Participate in Playful Inquiry Workshop at Opal School

Teachers Camille C., Véronique P., Alix, and Melanie spent three days at a workshop retreat and visit of the Opal School, adjacent to the Oregon Children's Museum. They were transformed by what they learned. 


Opal School's foundation relies on playful inquiry to ask important questions such as “What might it look like for our work with young children to expand agency and empathy?” and “How can our schools contribute to greater democracy?” Focusing on the art of storytelling, community healing, and change-making in a nature-centric context (provided by the environmental backdrop of Washington Park), Opal School’s direction aligns well with what can be found here at FAIS:

  • learning through play
  • learning from a personal level
  • thinking in both a local and global context to achieve change by taking action through student-led initiatives.

A few things the teachers would like to see at FAIS include further work on empathy, slowing down curriculum to leave more space for student exploration and agency, and more faculty/staff training on anti-fascist education. Thank you to our teachers for continually looking for innovative ways to enhance our student and community experience!