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We all have traditions that we live during this upcoming Holiday Break. Some of you may have religious traditions, while some of you may have family traditions that include traveling somewhere -- to the mountains for a quintessential snowy winter, or across the ocean for a long overdue reunion -- but we all have some kind of tradition we look forward to during this time of year. 


Our family’s traditions are loosely connected to a traditional Christmas, but it is truly about being with family and friends to genuinely appreciate and value each other. I have always been fascinated with how individual families celebrate this time of year. When Emily and I had Cole and Zoe, there was some serious negotiating that occurred in order for each of us to preserve important childhood traditions. What was never compromised was our desire to establish our own traditions with our two children. Twenty years later, I find it interesting to see how our traditions are evolving, and I recently realized, I am ok with that. It occurred to me that the thing I really care about is being together with friends and family as we usher out one year and bring in another. 


Still, there is one tradition that will never change for me. Each year, I try to find moments of quiet. During these moments, I reflect on the people I am grateful to have in my life... friends, family, colleagues, and certainly, all of you: the FAIS community. I am grateful for the year we are having, and I look forward to the year ahead of us.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you!