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The Homestretch

The photo here is of an orchid sitting on my desk at home (I know, a blog in April about a flower -- stay with me).


My wife, Emily, bought it for me last spring as we set up my makeshift office to begin an unexpected lengthy time of working from home. I never imagined the countless hours I would spend sitting next to that orchid on Zoom. Never. During the summer and the fall this same orchid turned brown, dried out, and looked certainly dead. In fact, I often joked about it with Emily and said, “Seems about right for this year.” But I never threw it out, and only occasionally sarcastically watered it. I know this sounds like I am making this up, but it’s true. Over the past months this presumed dead orchid came to life. 


Daily, this orchid has reminded me of our journey this past year. I felt just like that orchid last summer and fall (it’s fair to guess that many of us did). Then came our phased return from distance learning, and with it, a steady growth of the unmistakable energy of having kids back on campus. And now, as we prepare to welcome our 4th-8th grade students back full-time after Spring Break, I once again feel like this flower. 


The life that has been injected into our school over the past months has filled me with joy, laughter, and gratitude. There is nothing like playing “What time is it, Mr. Fox?” with a group of kindergartners to remind me of why I became a teacher 27 years ago. Seeing your children each day has reminded me of how special this campus and our community truly is. 


I hope you all have a safe, restful, and rejuvenating break. We all deserve it. I cannot wait to return and celebrate the homestretch of the school year together!