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Reopening: Week 1

This week, we welcomed over 120 students back to campus for in-person classes! 


Toute Petite Section (early preschool for 2 1/2 year-olds) through pre-k returned to full days, five days per week. K/1st grade started with half days, and will transition to full days on March 1 (after ACE Week). It has been truly joyous to hear so many students around the campus. In previous posts, I have written about the cadence of the year for a school person like me. The opening of school is truly my New Year, and I am far more excited for September than January. I will admit that I had the same excitement and butterflies this past Monday as we welcomed our youngest students back. My silver lining during this supremely odd year? I get to experience three New Years (I know, a bit of a stretch)!


It has been a long (and winding) road to get here, but we have arrived here together because -- despite being physically distanced -- we continued to come together in spirit as a community. Thank you to our facilities team, Nurse Amanda, and all of our teachers, aides, and support staff for being such amazing stewards of our community’s safety and well being... and for helping to provide our students with a steady sense of “normal” during a time that has been anything but normal. 


Finally, thank you to all of you -- our families -- for your partnership. On behalf of all of us at FAIS,  it truly is a pleasure to work with your children, and witness their resilience. 


This is Week 1 and a first step. We are also committed to supporting students remotely who are not yet ready to return. I look forward to eventually welcoming all of our families back to campus.