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Day 3: Visiting the Memorial de la Shoah, reflecting on history through perspective and empathy

Today was another great day here in Paris. I was able to join the students at the Memorial de la Shoah. This is a deeply moving Holocaust memorial that takes you through France’s painful and important history regarding the country’s relationship with Jewish culture. It is moving, and at times, gruesome. The experience culminates with walls of photos of hundreds of Jews that were killed in camps.


The students were, as usual, incredibly engaged, and they created a dialogue with their museum educator – always asking and answering questions. This experience certainly strengthened their connection not only with France’s history, but with their own history. It also gave them another opportunity to think and reflect on how our history shapes and impacts our own perspectives, as well as another opportunity for them to develop empathy to understand the perspectives of others.


Tomorrow is the kids’ last day, and I imagine they will have mixed emotions about leaving. But they will be thrilled to be reconnected with their families!

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