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Day 2: Immersing in classroom time; exploring (and eating) around Paris
Sainte-Chapelle interior

Today was a quieter day here in Paris. I had the pleasure of watching two performances this morning at school. First, the fourth graders from Ecole de l'Hôpital Saint-Louis performed for a group of our fifth graders. Then, in return, our kids did small performances for them. I must say that the joy on both sets of students’ faces was electric and contagious. I too found myself laughing throughout these performances – and I don’t speak French!


It was then a transition from the arts to mathematics as our students collaborated in small groups with our hosts to solve a variety of challenging math problems. The kids were engaged and enthusiastic as solutions began to evolve.


I decided that it was important for me to get out and about in Paris and experience the history and culture of this magnificent city. After hours of walking and eating… and walking and eating… the highlight of my day was Sainte-Chapelle. It was breathtaking in the detail, storytelling, and history.


I am looking forward to what tomorrow brings!

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