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Child Safety

Your children’s safety is my number one priority each and every day. 


I am defining safety in a broad and inclusive way here. We work hard to make sure we have systems in place for our students, and we continue to audit our physical campus so that we reduce risk and ensure it is physically safe. This can manifest itself in our protocols regarding injuries or adding entry pathways into the Pavilion. In light of several recent stories regarding a nearby school’s past students and teachers, I want to address your children’s emotional safety. 


Your children’s emotional safety is included in being my number one priority. We require all of our employees to participate in Safe Schools Training on an annual basis. Employees are also required to have a background check upon hiring. Next month we have added an additional training and presentation for all employees from a local expert, and this will likely become an annual training. We have clear policies and guidelines articulated in our All-School Handbook, and this is regularly reviewed by our school counsel. I am committed to FAIS being a school of best practices, and this is an important component of this ongoing commitment. We will continue to review and improve in order to ensure all of our students’ safety. 


In closing, I will say it again because it cannot be stressed enough: Your children’s safety is my number one priority each and every day.

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