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Applesauce, Bread, and Climate Strike!

With the fall season upon us, we have settled into our daily routines, and the opening days of school seem like they were a very long time ago. The anticipation and nervousness I mentioned in my previous post have all dissipated, and they have been replaced with excitement and anticipation of what new adventures the day holds. 

In my quest to learn, explore, and discover every component that makes FAIS such a special community I have experienced many moments that make me pause and think, “I love this place.” Last month I bumped into a kindergarten class coming back from Discovery Park with piles of apples. When I asked what they were doing they told me they were headed to make applesauce. Later I popped in and helped cut a few apples, but missed the tasting later in the day because I joined the Middle School climate change march. Earlier this week I watched fourth graders make bread in the kitchen (which I DID get to sample!). How many of you get to come home and tell your family you made applesauce with five-year-olds and marched in a protest with middle schoolers in the same day? 

These are all such wonderful examples of our teachers providing learning opportunities for our students — inside and outside of the classroom — in authentic, collaborative, and interactive ways. It truly is a joy to be a part of this community, and to have the privilege of being inspired by your children each and every day.