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Welcome (Back)!

What a joyful noise we had, and continue to have, here on campus beginning on Wednesday morning -- including a game of Knockout that I couldn't resist joining today (see picture)! There is truly nothing like the sound of children the first day school begins. The tension between the excitement, anticipation, and nervousness about the new year brings out such a wonderful vulnerability and a pure community connectedness. It is a sense that says, we are all in this year’s adventure together. 


This spirit was captured by my interaction with a student Wednesday morning on my way to the ribbon cutting ceremony for our new Middle School building. As I walked by a 4th grade student, he said, “Hi, Scott.” I replied, “Hi, buddy -- are you excited?” His return was, “Yeah...and a little nervous.” It took me no time to say, “Me too, me too!” 


As I begin my thirty-seventh year of school, I am more excited than ever to begin my journey with you all at FAIS as Head of School. The joy on every student’s face is a testament to the connection and community that is created in every classroom each and every day. With our first week behind us, culminating in tonight’s Back to School Picnic, I am filled with anticipation for the year ahead. I am eager to discover, learn, and explore all things French American International School.

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