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Sharing our first year together as new Head of School

FAIS families, students, staff, supporters, and alumni -- it's an honor to be joining this community as your new Head of School.
I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about sharing our first year together. That's where I'm hoping this blog comes in. And what better way to launch this journey than tagging along for the second half of the 5th graders' trip to France (my first!)?

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Scott Hardister
Scott Hardister, Head of School video screenshot

As we head into “Spring Break,” I want to thank all of you for helping make our current situation feel as “normal” as possible for our students. I hope we’re all able to find momentary breaks from all of the juggling… and from the members of our households (as much as we love them). Please continue to stay safe, and for those of you with kids at home: Good luck next week!


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Scott with students first week of school

What a joyful noise we had, and continue to have, here on campus beginning on Wednesday morning -- including a game of Knockout that I couldn't resist joining today (see picture)! There is truly nothing like the sound of children the first day school begins...

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