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Head of School, Year 2: Staying connected, grateful, and joyful

FAIS families, students, staff, supporters, and alumni:
Last year (our first together as new Head of School) was both exciting and challenging. It also reaffirmed how special this community is, and why I am so honored to be a part of it.
Year 2 may be starting differently than we expected. But our resilience has shown that we'll continue to be stronger for it because, in the wise words of High School Musical: "We're all in this together."

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Scott Hardister
first day back after distance learning

This week, we welcomed over 120 students back to campus for in-person classes! It has been a long (and winding) road to get here, but we have arrived here together because -- despite being physically distanced -- we continued to come together in spirit as a community. 

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Campus sign, reading "all in this together"

Right now, life seems tilted far past the normal 23.5 degrees. We have all had moments in the past two months where we wondered if the Tilt was so severe that we would simply fall off the proverbial edge. But we didn't (thankfully!).

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