Use of Facility

FAIS facilities may be used by faculty, staff, friends of the School, or non-profit organizations for non-school related purposes during non-school hours pending approval by the Head of School. Groups closely associated with our FAIS community may use the facilities without cost; other groups will be charged a fee as outlined on our facilities rental request form.

Organizations wishing to use FAIS facilities must be in alignment with the School's Mission and Philosophy and abide by our non-discrimination statement. School facilities may not be used for partisan political activity, or meetings to organize for or promote highly charged political issues. It is the School’s position that the use of school facilities for these purposes could be perceived as support for these activities and therefore potential for misunderstanding is too great to allow the facilities to be used in these cases.

The Head of School may make exceptions to the above when the activity is deemed to be of such value to the School or the community that allowing the disruption of normal operations or waiver of fees is in the School’s or community’s best interests. The Head of School retains discretion to permit or deny any request for use of the school facilities.