The FAIS Counseling Office provides support and resources to students and parents / guardians. Two full-time counselors, one for the Lower School and one for the Middle School, are dedicated to responding to and supporting students socially and academically as needed. 


Social Lives of Children

Talking to Your Child about Traumatic Events

Community Resources

Kelso in the Lower School

kelso and friend

Kelso Resources for Parents

Kelso role play snippets
Try using these scenarios to talk with your child(ren) at home about problem-solving skills.


Developmental Stages of Grief

Local Resources

The Dougy Center provides support in a safe place where children, teens, young adults, and their families grieving a death can share their experiences. 

Me, Too supports children and families in grief.

Outside Support

Resource Links for Additional Information

International Dyslexia Association

Swindells Resource Center, supports parents and caregivers of children who have special needs, developmental delays, or disabilities.

SPD Connect, sensory processing disorder community forum

Lines for Life, substance abuse and suicide prevention

Communities for Safe Kids

Family Enrichment Series

Family Enrichment Series: Birds, Bees & Kids
Rose Préau Commons

Birds, Bees & KidsDo you get butterflies when you think about having the Birds and the Bees talk with your child? Please join us on Tuesday, December 3 at 6:30 p.m. for Amy Lang's Birds, Bees & Kids parent/caregiver workshop. By popular demand, Amy is back to offer guidance, humor, practical strategies, and motivating information to parents and caregivers with the goal of getting us talking with our children about development, reproduction, boundaries, and puberty. 

Parents and caregivers of both young children and early teens will find value in attending. Check out Amy's website for more information. 

The sessions are for adults only and childcare is not provided. Questions? Email Diana Platas, lower school counselor. 

NEW! A selection of Amy's recommended resource books for parents can be pre-ordered online with the bookstore Annie Bloom's, via this FAIS Family Enrichment pre-sale campaign site. Pre-paid books will be available for pick up at the workshop.

School Counselors


Diana Platas, 
Lower School Counselor

Middle School Counselor

Stéphane Cohen, Middle School Counselor