Information for New FAIS Families

This information is provided for families joining FAIS during the 2019-20 school year.

Information for the 2019-20 School Year

Required Forms

Digital Tools Consent Form (Required for all students)

We believe that the breadth of digital tools available to us online can open up worlds of information, provide digital creation tools, and allow teachers to personalize education for our students. We also know how important it is to minimize the digital footprints of our students while taking advantage of the vast resources online available for education. 

Please sign and complete the following form before the first day of school: 

Immunization Status

Parents of new students must submit hard copies of their Certificate of Immunization Status, while parents of returning students may update their children's immunization status online.

Updates (for returning students) may also be faxed or emailed directly from the doctor's office to (503) 292-7444 or

If you need to claim a non-medical exemption, please visit this website. 

Certificate of Immunization Status form for new students

Visit this site for a complete list of required immunizations for Oregon students.

Responsible Use Agreements for FAIS Digital Tools

Lower school students (in grades 3-5) and their parents and/or guardians must sign and return the Lower School Responsible Use Agreement each year before they will have access to school computers and digital tools. The form should be returned to the child’s English teacher the first week of school.

Middle school students will sign the Middle School Responsible Use Agreement in their advisories at school. Middle school parents should sign the form located in their child's planner--please do not rip out the page. 

Lower School Responsible Use Agreement (3rd-5th grades)

Please print and sign this form, and return it to your child's English teacher. 

Middle School Responsible Use Agreement

Please sign the form located in your child's planner. Do not rip out the page. 

Student Information / Authorization Forms

The Student Information and Authorization form is required each school year, for every student enrolled at FAIS. Families who had not yet completed this form for 2019-20 were notified via email on July 31.

Student Information / Authorization Forms


Gilkey Athletics offers a number of fall, winter and spring competitive sports teams. Most teams compete in the Metro Christian League (MCL), a sports league for independent, private and public middle schools.

Each season lasts two to three months and meets for practice and/or competition about three times per week. The cost for each sport is $170. There is a “no cut” policy. Teams will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Fall sports include cross country, soccer, and volleyball.

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Extended Care

Early Arrival

Early Arrival Rooms

  • TPS-PK: 1-U
  • K: 1-K
  • 1st-2nd:  2-A
  • 3rd:  4-L
  • 4th-5th: 4-B
  • 6th-8th: Gym, MS 307

Before school care is provided at no charge from 7:30 AM until the beginning of the school day. Students are organized in rooms by age groups. Fifteen minutes before the school day begins, the assistant teachers for TPS through kindergarten escort these students to their respective classrooms.

FASCA (After-School Care)

The FAIS After School Creative Activities (FASCA) program is designed to provide an enriching and positive after-school experience for every child. Students are divided into age-appropriate groups in individual classrooms. Students in 2nd-8th grade work on homework for at least half an hour and then are offered activities such as games, outdoor play if weather permits, crafts, cooking, or library time. FASCA is available at a reasonable rate until 6 PM.


  • TPS-PK: 1-A / 1-C
  • K-1st: 1-K / 1-M
  • 2nd-3rd: 2-J / 2-L
  • 4th-5th: 4-B / 4-C
  • 6th-8th: wings of level 300

Prepaid Plans

  • Super Yearly Plan (FASCA, ACE Weeks, and FAIS+): $3,500
  • Yearly Plan: $2,500
  • Semester Plan: $1,250 (September—January / February—June)

FASCA Plans cover FASCA time from school dismissal until 6 PM, five days a week. After 6 PM, additional charges apply. If you do not purchase a prepaid plan you will automatically be billed at the drop-in rate on a monthly basis.

Drop-in Rate

  • $11/hour, billed in one-minute increments

Purchase Prepaid FASCA Plans


The Extracurricular Department offers specialized workshops and field trips on most in-service days and  through the FAIS Plus program. Childcare is also available on Parent-Teacher Conference days. 

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Milk Program

Organic milk for the school year may be purchased at $75 per student. If you wish to participate, please provide your child with a cup.

Purchase Milk for the School Year

School Hours

Students may be dropped off as early as 7:30 AM. FASCA (after-school care) is available after school until 6 PM. (FASCA is only available for middle school students on Wednesday, September 3.)


8:15 AM - 2:45 PM (12:15 half day)Download this document for helpful tips for drop-off and transitioning to school for young students.


8:00 AM - 3:00 PM


8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

School Photos

School Photo Day is Friday, September 13. If you would like to purchase school photos, please do so before photo day. Every student will be photographed for ID cards and class composites. 

Purchase School Photos

Snacks and Lunches

Snack Program

A healthy morning snack is provided around 9:45 AM in all Maternelle (TPS-K) classes, and students participating in after-school programs are provided with a nutritious snack between 3:30 and 4 PM.

Catered Lunch Program

FAIS is excited to partner with Refueled Kids, an outside caterer who delivers fresh, healthy, creative, and organic hot lunches right to your child's classroom.

How do I participate?

  • Create your account at (registration password: FAIS2)
  • Submit order(s) by Thursday at 11:59 PM PST for the following week
  • Sign up for a particular day of the week, a whole week at once, or even the whole month in advance.
  • Choose from child or adult portions, à la carte items, as well as omnivore, vegetarian, vegan and picky eater options.
  • Questions? Please email Refueled Kids directly at


Snack Menu


Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

Toute Petite Section (TPS)/Preschool/Prekindergarten

Morning & afternoon: please note that TPS, preschool and prekindergarten students must be escorted into and out of their classrooms, and you will need to find a parking space for arrival and dismissal. See Campus Parking tips.


  • Although it is not required by the state, the School strongly recommends that parents accompany kindergarten students to classrooms every morning. See Campus Parking tips.
  • Alternatively, follow Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up systems.


1st-5th Grade

  • Parking during arrival and dismissal times is tight. If you wish to park, please review Campus Parking tips. 
  • We encourage parents to use our Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up systems.


6th-8th Grade

  • Parking during arrival and dismissal times is tight. If you wish to park, please review Campus Parking tips. 
  • We encourage parents to use our Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up systems.  
  • Middle school students are not dismissed from their classes until 3:30 PM. They must then gather their belongings, check last minute homework assignments, etc. We strongly encourage middle school families not to arrive on campus for pick-up until 3:35. If you arrive early, your student will not be ready and you will get stuck in Lower School traffic.
  • Parents of students in 6th-8th grade with younger siblings should pick up in our regular pick-up line on the main campus along the yellow curb; follow the pick-up instructions.
  • Parents with middle school students only should use Lot C for drop-off and pick-up.
  • Please note that left turns are NOT permitted either while entering or exiting Lot C located off Miller Road. It is dangerous, creates delays and jams.


Campus Parking   

Parking Lot A (campus entrance) is available to all families. Parking Lot C, located by the new middle school building, is reserved for Middle school (6th-8th) families. Parking Lot B, located under the Pavilion between Satellites I and II, is reserved for Maternelle (TPS-kindergarten) families in the mornings and afternoons with a Lot B pass. If you wish to park in the Maternelle Lot B, here are a few tips:

  • When travelling in the roundabout in front of the main building, stay to the far right side to get in line. Please leave the left side of the roundabout open so other cars may pass.
  • Please do not turn left into Lot B in the morning.
  • The number of spaces in this lot is limited, so please wait patiently in line. A staff member will be helping move cars into and out of this lot as safely as possible.
  • Parking is only available for drop-off (7:45-8:45 AM) and pick-up (2:45-3:45 PM).

You may NOT park:

  • Along red curbs
  • Along yellow curbs, including the bus lanes, unless the driver remains at the wheel
  • In the fire station parking lot


Morning Drop-off

  1. You may pull up to any yellow curb, including the bus lanes, and let your child exit the car on the curb side. Please try to drop off students in front of the satellite where their classroom is located.
  2. Parking lot C is for middle school drop-off only. Please note that left turns are NOT permitted either while entering or exiting Parking Lot C. It is dangerous and creates jams.
  3. Do not leave your car unattended at the yellow curbs, especially in the bus lanes.
  4. Do not drop off along red curbs.
  5. Parents are encouraged to vary their drop-off time in order to help stagger the number of cars on campus at a time. This may mean coming to campus fifteen minutes before class begins. Early Arrival is available for all students starting at 7:30 AM and is free of charge.


Afternoon Pick-up

  1. Students not going to FASCA or activities will be escorted to the pick-up area when school is dismissed.
  2. All new FAIS families will receive two copies of a family identification number (“Pick-up Number”), which is to be used during the pick-up procedure. Please keep one copy in each parent's car.
  3. Students are picked up at the roundabout at the top of the hill by their parents or other authorized person, whose cars display a Pick-up Number.
  4. When you arrive by car on campus, please line up single-file and wait for traffic to move forward towards the turn-around. Make sure your Pick-up Number is visible on the passenger side of the windshield. As you are waiting, please pull all of the way forward to allow more cars to fit in the roundabout. As you enter the pick-up area, an aide will call out your child or children’s names. Please do not get out of your car; an aide will assist students in entering cars. As soon as your child is safely in the vehicle, please move forward.
  5. Please do not park your car in the roundabout or leave your car unattended in the pick-up line.
  6. Using Parking Lot C (off Miller Road): Only parents of students in middle school (6th-8th) may pick-up along the yellow curb in Parking Lot C; however, the driver must remain at the wheel. Please note that left turns are NOT permitted either while entering or exiting Lot C. It is dangerous and creates jams.

General campus traffic rules

  • Please drive slowly on campus: 10 MPH maximum.
  • Cell phone use is not permitted while driving on campus.
  • If you arrive early to pick-up, please turn off your engine while waiting. Vehicle idling is the leading source of toxic air pollution in Oregon and can be hazardous to human health, especially children’s.
  • Parents are asked to model good behavior for the children and always walk on sidewalks (not in the street) and cross at crosswalks.
  • Always yield to foot traffic and stop for all pedestrians in crosswalks.
  • All students should be dropped off curbside or in a parking lot.
  • Please respect those with disabilities and do not park in the handicap spaces, or in the area between the spaces, for any length of time, in any circumstances, unless you have the appropriate handicap permit.
  • Please do not park at any time in the two spaces in front of Satellite III that are reserved for specific families.
  • In the event of emergencies or fire drills, please follow instructions from staff and exit the campus immediately if asked to do so. This is important for everyone’s safety.
  • Please respect the need for fire trucks to access the station. Remember: do not block the fire station driveway on 87th Street when exiting the campus.
  • You may not turn left on Cornell Road when exiting campus during the hours of 8:00-9:00 AM and 3:00-4:00 PM.
  • Left turns are NOT permitted either while entering or exiting Parking Lot C located off Miller Road. It is dangerous and creates jams.
  • No U-turns are permitted on Miller Road.


Catlin Gabel School has made two of their morning bus routes available to FAIS families at a rate of $6 per student per ride, or $49 per month. We will take attendance on the bus, and you will be billed for the number of rides your child takes. 

Please note that your child must be at least four years old to use the bus transportation service.

Zoom in on the map below to view the bus stops. 

Sign up to ride the bus

Morning Bus Stops


Parent participation via volunteer commitment plays an essential role at FAIS and allows FAIS to keep administrative expenses low relative to many other schools. FAIS requires that every family commit to 20 hours of service each year. If the 20 hours are not met, families will be charged $20 per unfulfilled hour. Questions? Contact Sara Hernando at or 503-292-7776 x1330.

Volunteer Opportunities

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Some companies (like Nike and Intel) offer a donation to the School for each hour volunteered by one of their employees. Check with your company to see if this applies to you and how to submit your hours!

PM Classes

FAIS PM Classes allow students to explore areas of interest in a non-academic setting, and provide a fun alternative to FASCA. The PM Class program is divided into semesters--the fall semester will begin the week of September 9.

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School Supply Lists

New Parent / Guardian Orientation Presentations