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Scott’s Blog: Mr. Hardister (and the 8th Grade) Goes to Washington

“Normally, our soon-to-be FAIS graduates would be scattered around the globe on their international trips, experiencing different cultures and languages. Of course, with the pandemic, international travel was not an option this year (we hope we can bring these back next year). While D.C. is a very different experience than a homestay in a different country, it has still been an unforgettable one for the students, chaperones (THANK YOU to Angelique, Ansel, Denise, and Gloria), and myself…”

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Preschool field trip to The Oregon Zoo!

Our three preschool classes took their first field trip in more than TWO years… and what better place to go than The Oregon Zoo? We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and the animals must’ve felt the same way, because they were very active. 

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Maternelle classes celebrate Fête des Familles

This week in class, Toute Petite Section – kindergarten students had the opportunity to honor their loved ones by putting time and effort into a project to bring home and share at the end of the week (today!) with their whole family. Projects included cards, picture frames, painted rocks, potted plants, bird houses, and aprons!

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All-School Seed Planting Day (late Earth Day celebration)

Since Earth Day fell during our Spring Break, FAIS held an All-School seed planting day on campus last Friday. Student seed ambassadors – from Peter Ovington’s 6th grade Environmental Science class and 6th graders from our Middle School Green Team – educated groups of faculty, staff, and administrators on the story behind the seed cocoons and the importance of native species. Then, they led their groups in planting more than 650 seed cocoons (each containing 27,000 seeds!) along entrances and walkways,  surrounding parking lots and buildings, below stairs, Discovery Park, and the Center for the Arts!

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Web Radio: Episode 76

The latest episode of our MULTI-award-winning, student-produced Web Radio program is now live!

Featured segments (in both French and English) include:

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2022 FAIS Annual Gala

The FAIS community came together for a wonderful celebration on April 9 and showed their support for our school.

Our community raised $140,000 to support Financial Aid at FAIS through the Silent Auction, Art Projects and Live Auction. What a wonderful investment in the future of our school and community.

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French Presidential Elections at FAIS

We were honored to be an official voting site for the first round of the French presidential elections on Saturday, April 9th, as well as the second round of elections on Saturday, April 23 — more than 1,400 French citizens registered to vote on the FAIS campus!

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Preschoolers Learn About Jobs

Preschoolers enjoyed a two-month inquiry series into different jobs and responsibilities within a community – including staff and families at FAIS!

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