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Middle School Student Volunteer Luncheon

Thank you to our Middle School student volunteers! From student council and student ambassadors to club members and our first-ever platinum-level Eagle Excellence Award recipient (soaring past ONE HUNDRED volunteer hours)... 

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New Family Social

We're so happy to officially welcome next year's new families to the FAIS community! From Toute Petite Section (early preschool for 2½-year-olds) to 8th grade, our incoming parents and students gathered last Friday to meet fellow new families, chat with current families, and celebrate the next step in their journey over food and drinks.

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5th Grade Celebration

The FAIS community gathered this morning to celebrate our 5th grade students' journey from Maternelle to Middle School. Thank you to the parent volunteers for all of the time and creativity that went into making this such a beautiful and memorable experience!

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Art of Geometry

“Measure twice, cut once.” Rounding out a semester-long interdisciplinary project between art and math, 7th graders apply what they've learned in geometry to design compositions out of wood.

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Governor Kate Brown Responds to 5th Grade Letters

Fifth grade students sent letters to Governor Kate Brown to ask for more protections for wolves in Oregon as part of their exhibition project. This week, they received a response back! Keep up the great work!

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Genius Hour Elevator Speeches

As part of their public speaking class, 6th graders have been participating in a form of Genius Hour -- special, autonomous time set aside to innovate, explore new things, or devote to passion projects (yielding Post-Its at 3M and Gmail at Google).

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Le Satellite (3rd Issue)

"In the third edition of the Satellite you will discover nature. Read countless articles and see amazing pictures by Hannah. Briefs are current and funny, as well as the fact that they are the only texts not about nature. Read about animals, the compost, wolves, how to be better to the environment and others. Enjoy the third edition of Le Satellite!" -by Zoe, the editor

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