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Maternelle Monster Mash

Kiddos from Toute Petite Section (early preschool for 2½-year-olds) through kindergarten showed off their costumes and haunted the gym for some Halloween fun: obstacle courses, games, arts and crafts, and face-painting...including Head of School, Scott “Spider-Man” Hardister!

German International School Families Tour Our New Middle School Building

We were excited to extend a big “Willkommen” to families from our longtime partners, the German International School (GIS)! Each year, we host GIS families for a special Middle School tour, and this year families got a first look at our new building! Families were able to visit classrooms, interact with teachers and students, and explore FAIS as a place to continue their immersion and IB education, as well as begin a third language (French, Mandarin, or Spanish).

ACE Week — October 2019

During last week’s Arts and Cultural Enrichment (ACE) Week, Lower School students focused on the theme of photography. We had a lovely week of fall weather that made for great picture taking excursions.

From Cathedral Park and downtown St. Johns to Laurelhurst Park, the Blue Moon Camera Shop, and campus, we captured so many beautiful photos. Students were asked to choose three of their favorite pictures from the week and showcase them for our Friday Art Walk—check out some of our highlights!

Time-Based Art Workshop

Some of our little ones were able to check out an art installation on the total solar eclipse of 2017. Part of a two-day workshop from last week’s Arts and Cultural Enrichment (ACE) Week, the art on display was a group collaboration with 6th graders, 8th graders, and one of our music/English teachers (Melanie).

On the first day, while discussing the idea of contrast in the context of art, the students came up with the eclipse as the subject, collected stories from folks on campus about where they were/what they were doing during the eclipse, then wrote and recorded background music to accompany the stories. The second day involved setting up the space for the art displays and creating the stop animation!

PM Classes: Earth Science Experiments (PS-K)

On Tuesdays and Fridays, students have been learning about earth science and the world around them through hands-on science experiments taught by FAIS parent Megan Sever. September and October classes included volcanic eruptions, dinosaur excavations, earthquake waves in a box (pictured), and more. Students have been diving deep into the scientific process while also having a ton of fun!

The Friday Earth Science class started October 4th and has only had two classes so far—it's not too late to sign up! Want to learn more about all of our PM Classes? Visit our PM Classes page and register online!

Fête du Vin — Event Success!

On October 12th, 275 guests, over 20 food and wine vendors, and 20 volunteers gathered in the new Middle School building to celebrate FAIS community and wine at our annual Fête du Vin event. 

Wine favorites included returning wineries such as Domaine Serene, Crowley, and Petit Monde, as well as new wineries like Balboa and Ore Winery. Food during the event was a major hit, featuring the best of Portland’s restaurant scene, with delicious bites from partners such as Saucebox and Altengartz.

Wine sales at and surrounding the event exceeded $28,000 with 25% of that revenue coming back to FAIS to support the programming that makes our school really special. Thank you to sponsors, vendors, volunteers, and wine buyers who all made this possible!

View Fête du Vin photo gallery

Make CREATIVITY Possible -- Participate in the Annual Fund!

DID YOU KNOW? Each year, FAIS invests over $11,000 in music and art supplies. 

"My daughter's creativity and love of arts continues to grow. The Annual Fund makes that possible by providing first class art supplies, a kiln for ceramics, and field trips to art museums and the theater" -- FAIS Parent

From licensing musical scores for the 2nd grade play to paying for clay, wheels, and a kiln for our ceramics program, the Annual Fund makes CREATIVITY possible at FAIS. 

Participate in the Annual Fund today!

Meet Nurse Shawn

We’re so excited to welcome Shawn Adams, our new full-time school nurse! Shawn worked as a hairstylist to put herself through school to become a paramedic/firefighter, where she spent three years while attaining her RN and Bachelor of Science in Public Health in 2010. Since then, she has worked in three different intensive care units, including the past five years in the neuro/trauma ICU at Legacy Emanuel -- a Level 1 trauma hospital.

“I have done about everything you can do at bedside to care for the sickest of the sick. My husband says I thrive in chaos. I call it organized chaos.”

In September, she started her work on a Master's of Business Administration in Health Administration. Shawn is a Portland native and moved back from Southern Oregon six years ago. She and her husband have three older bonus children and enjoy hiking, camping, and exploring the Northwest. Shawn has completed two marathons, is training for a 50K, and eventually has her sights set on completing a 50-miler! Their 7-year-old son also loves to run… but prefers obstacle races, with his sights set on American Ninja Warrior Junior!

If you haven’t already, please join us in giving Shawn a warm welcome to the FAIS community!

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