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Child Safety


Your children’s safety is my number one priority each and every day. 


I am defining safety in a broad and inclusive way here. We work hard to make sure we have systems in place for our students, and we continue to audit our physical campus so that we reduce risk and ensure it is physically safe. This can manifest itself in our protocols regarding injuries or adding entry pathways into the Pavilion. In light of several recent stories regarding a nearby school’s past students and teachers, I want to address your children’s emotional safety. 


Your children’s emotional safety is included in being my number one priority. We require all of our employees to participate in Safe Schools Training on an annual basis. Employees are also required to have a background check upon hiring. Next month we have added an additional training and presentation for all employees from a local expert, and this will likely become an annual training. We have clear policies and guidelines articulated in our All-School Handbook, and this is regularly reviewed by our school counsel. I am committed to FAIS being a school of best practices, and this is an important component of this ongoing commitment. We will continue to review and improve in order to ensure all of our students’ safety. 


In closing, I will say it again because it cannot be stressed enough: Your children’s safety is my number one priority each and every day.

7th Graders Lead FAIS Toy Drive

Earlier this week, we were  proud to continue a 15-year partnership with our neighbors at Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Station 60 of collecting donations for the KGW Great Toy Drive!

Two 7th grade student advisory groups took on the project from start to finish — visiting classrooms, promoting to the FAIS community, and organizing drop-off locations. Great job, students!

Alumni Reunion (Ages 21+) to Meet Scott and Tour the New Building

It’s always great to see members of the FAIS family on campus, especially when alumni come back to visit! Last night, alumni of ages 21-and-older gathered for a reunion to meet our new Head of School (Scott Hardister), catch up with old friends and favorite teachers, and tour the new Middle School building!

Laughter was heard and stories were shared about their FAIS memories and what they’ve been up to since graduating—from a grad student studying international disaster management…a Fulbright Scholar Program candidate who has studied abroad and is learning Polish (ANOTHER language!)...a lead industrial designer in Brooklyn…a legislature director for a state of Oregon representative…an Ivy League grad who returned to Portland as a strategic communications director for a local child and family advocacy non-profit organization…just to name a few!

We couldn’t be more proud or more inspired by the global citizens they’ve become and their contributions to help make a better, more peaceful world. From all of us at FAIS, we wish you continued success and hope to see you back on campus soon! 

Kindergarteners Support Local Foster Families

The kindergarten classes are wrapping up their unit on "Who we are," with the central idea "The needs of a child correspond to the responsibilities of a caregiver."

One of the topics that has come up in this unit has been foster families and their work with children in foster care. As their summative assessment, the students brainstormed the items they would need to have in their houses to help meet the needs of a baby in foster care, then they suggested that we check in with local foster families to determine what needs they might have currently that we could help with.

As a result, we partnered with a local organization called "With Love" that supports foster families in the Portland area. Students went through their new/lightly-used clothing, toys, and other supplies at their house and donated them to the organization today, December 20.

This has been a great community action and partnership, and the students have been so eager to help support foster families as they work to meet the needs of children in their care. 

Alumni Spotlight: Maggie Weirich ('09)

FAIS alumna Maggie Weirich ('09) has followed her passion for dance (dancing with Oregon Ballet Theater from elementary school to high school) to become a member of the San Francisco Ballet. In this alumni spotlight, Maggie shares about how she balanced dance and school, her time at FAIS, and more!

“FAIS taught me to find something I loved and encouraged me to pursue it. As a child FAIS allowed me to explore the unknown, challenge my curiosities, and discover genuine passions—whether that meant diving deeper into a subject I was passionate about or taking a project in a different direction.”

Read more about Maggie and other FAIS alumni

FAIS Launches New Online Store

We’re excited to announce we’ve launched a new online store with official FAIS gear for kids, women, men, and the home!

The best part: it’s predominantly on-demand, so you won’t have to try to squeeze it in at drop-off/pick-up or worry about campus not having the right size or color. Your items are created and shipped online once your order (typically 1-2 business days for processing, 3-5 business days for shipping).

Happy shopping -- we hope you find some items to flaunt your FAIS pride!

Make FAIS Possible -- Participate in the Annual Fund!

Awakening a creative talent. Forging a connection to the environment. Empowering teachers to inspire our students. Fill in the blank, and chances are...the Annual Fund helps make it possible. 

In honor of our 40th anniversary, we're creating the 1979 Society to celebrate the philanthropic leadership of our families who contribute $1,979 or more to the Annual Fund in a school year. We invite you to consider joining the 1979 Society and including FAIS as one of your top three philanthropic priorities this year.

Help make more things possible -- participate in the Annual Fund today!

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