The FASCA program provides a safe, nurturing environment for students remaining after school. Extracurricular Aides oversee a variety of non-academic, exploratory activities, and also provide students with a quiet space to do homework.

Between 3:30 and 4 PM a simple, nutritious snack is provided. A typical snack may consist of whole grain crackers, cheese, dried fruit, apples, or carrots. Highly processed foods are not part of the snack program, and organic food is served whenever possible. Parents and caregivers of children with dietary restrictions may wish to provide their own after-school snacks.

FASCA ends at 6 PM. Remaining children will be directed to room 1-H and will be supervised by an Extracurricular Department administrator. FASCA is billed at a rate of $1 per minute, without exception, for each child remaining after 6 PM.


Prepaid Plans

  • Super Yearly Plan (FASCA, ACE Weeks, and FAIS+): $3,500
  • Yearly Plan: $2,500
  • Semester Plan: $1,250 (September—January / February—June)

FASCA Plans cover FASCA time from school dismissal until 6 PM, five days a week. After 6 PM, additional charges apply. FASCA Plans may be purchased via this online form or from the Front Office. If you do not purchase a prepaid plan you will automatically be billed at the drop-in rate on a monthly basis.

Drop-in Rate

  • $11/hour, billed in one-minute increments


  • TPS - PK: 1-A / 1-C
  • K - 1st: 1-K / 1-M
  • 2nd - 3rd: 2-J / 2-L
  • 4th - 5th: 4-B / 4-C
  • 6th - 8th : wings of level 300