Arts and Cultural Enrichment Weeks

Week-long breaks (one in October and one in February) when students can participate in a variety of on-campus, arts-focused activities. 

FAIS operates on an academic calendar that is broken up by five 7- to 8-week periods with breaks for Winter Break, Spring Break, and Arts and Cultural Enrichment Weeks. School is not in session during Arts and Cultural Enrichment Weeks, and an alternate program is provided for students who wish to participate. 

This October 21st-24th's ACE Week’s theme will be photography. The week will focus on creative exploration with digital cameras as well as the technical side of photography, including using 35MM cameras, developing film, and making prints. Students have the opportunity to take photos while completing daily assignments about composition, portraits, and color usage. Throughout the week, students pick and choose which photos they want to showcase for a photo exhibition at the end of the week. All children will get to choose three prints from the week that they will have on display.

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ACE Week: Cinéma Extraordinaire

Lower School students who participated in ACE Week in spring 2018 produced their own short films, which were shown at the Hollywood Theater on March 2. Students were involved in every aspect of the filmmaking process, including writing, storyboarding, videography, set and costume creation, and directing.
2nd-3rd and 4th-5th: Lost Cat & Ognam
K-1st: Doctor's Office
K-1st: Land Shark
K-1st: The Great Gingerbread Chase
K-1st: Mystery Egg
PS-PK: Animations
PS-PK: Emotions