Arts and Cultural Enrichment Weeks

Week-long breaks (one in October and one in February) when students can participate in a variety of on-campus, arts-focused activities. 

FAIS operates on an academic calendar that is broken up by five 7- to 8-week periods with breaks for Winter Break, Spring Break, and Arts and Cultural Enrichment Weeks. School is not in session during Arts and Cultural Enrichment Weeks, and an alternate program is provided for students who wish to participate. 

Lower School

The February 24th-28th‘s Lower Schools Arts and Cultural Enrichment (ACE) Week’s theme will be Comics. Kids will have the opportunity to create their own comics/graphic novels and learn about the publishing world. The week will be both a creative exploration using digital media and old school paper layouts to be done by hand. A portion of the week will also focus on superheroes, making costumes, and action figures. The week will end with our very own FAIS Comic Con where kids will be able to have their own booths for the comics and trades made from the week – costumes are highly encouraged for all!   

Middle School

Formerly known as Arts Week, all programming for Middle School students during the October and February breaks is now under the Arts and Cultural Enrichment Programs (ACE) title. A variety of workshops are available.

Register for ACE Week

Please note that release of liability from parents and legal guardians is required for student participation in some ACE Week workshops. Only custodial parents may register their children for activities that require release of liability.