Why give to FAIS?

Like other independent schools, FAIS relies on financial and volunteer support from our community to offset operating expenses, provide capital funds for campus projects, and support financial aid through its endowment. Tax-deductible gifts are essential to the ongoing health of FAIS, as they help ensure the financial health and sustainability of the School, and also help fund various initiatives that improve the educational program for all students.  As important to the ongoing health of FAIS are the many volunteer hours our parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends contribute to the School. Like other independent schools, FAIS has two main fundraising areas: annual giving and capital campaigns. 

  • While tuition covers the majority of our budget, annual fundraising allow us to expand programs, purchase new technologies, improve our campus inside and out, provide training to our teachers and staff, and it helps keep tuition at lower rates than other comparable independent schools.
  • Occasionally, independent schools need to embark on projects like facilities updates or growing the endowment, that are beyond the scope of the day-to-day school operations. These are called capital campaigns. These campaigns are fundamental to ensuring FAIS will be physically and financially to educate internationally minded, well rounded global citizens, fully prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

What are the annual giving opportunities?

  • Gifts to the Annual Fund go directly into day-to-day operations of the School, making up more than seven percent of the School’s budget. Your generosity helps FAIS attract and keep top notch faculty to prepare our students for their next steps toward secondary education and beyond. Your support also ensures that FAIS stays one of Portland’s premier schools by allowing us to maintain state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology. Because of you, FAIS continues to thrive.
  • The FAIS Annual Gala is a festive occasion held each year at an off-campus venue for the entire school community, alumni and guests, and is our largest fundraising event of the year. Led by parent volunteers, the Gala thrives because of the support of everyone in the School, and the best way to support their efforts is to attend the Gala and bid high! As with the Annual Fund, proceeds from the Gala are directed to the General Operating Budget. 

What is the current Capital Campaign?

We are in process of raising $2.5 million in pledges to help fund the new Gilkey International Middle School. This building will be the first phase of our long-term master plan to replace our aging modular structures with new, permanent buildings. We are asking our community to make a meaningful pledge over a three-year period—a pledge unlike past contributions to the School. This pledge would be a one-time contribution to FAIS, an investment in ensuring the future of the School for years to come.

Do I need to choose where I give?

No. Annual giving will always be a top priority. We hope all parents will contribute to the Annual Fund and/or our Annual Gala. While we are in capital campaign we encourage all community members to make a campaign donation in addition to annual support. 

How do I donate?

You can donate or pledge today to benefit with a gift by cash, check, credit card, or stock. To give online visit: faispdx.org/give.

How much should I give?

Every gift counts. Maximizing participation is our goal, as participation is an important criterion for grants from corporations and foundations. You can help with a gift of any size.


How do I know if my company will match my gift?

Contact your Human Resources department to see if your company matches gifts to potentially double or even triple the impact of your FAIS donation. 


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