Philosophy & MissionFrench American Elementary School

The goal of FAIS is to employ the rich resources of an internationally recognized curriculum in order to help each student realize his or her full potential.

Our excellent teaching staff works to stimulate intellectual curiosity, encourage independent thinking, and foster individual responsibility. Parents choose FAIS for its academically rigorous curriculum and superb language immersion program. FAIS students graduate with an appreciation of cultural differences and the life-long skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly global society.


We believe the future starts here. As educators, we develop internationally minded and actively engaged citizens who help create a better and more peaceful world.


The French American International School cultivates intellect and character through rigorous multilingual academic programs in an environment that promotes appreciation of diverse cultures and experiences.

FAIS' Four Guiding Principles

  • Develop Global Citizens: We develop internationally-minded and actively engaged citizens who help create a more inclusive and diverse world. 
  • Foster Multi-Language Ability: We harness the power of languages to build greater intellect, openness, and problem-solving ability.
  • Shape Active Learners: We challenge students to inquire across multiple disciplines. 
  • Deliver Academic Excellence: We build a foundation for academic achievement through a triple-accredited curriculum.

Core Values

In living the mission of FAIS, the community shares a vibrant school culture that is defined by our core values.  These values guide our community’s interactions, our beliefs, and our behaviors. At FAIS we are committed to working in accordance with the following values:

  • International Mindedness.  We value the world as the broadest context for learning, appreciating our own cultures and personal histories as well as the values and traditions of others. We seek opportunities to inquire, act, reflect, and grow from the experience.
  • Open-Mindedness.  We are receptive to new and different ideas or opinions of others, respectfully recognizing the value of others’ knowledge. We are open to change and committed to ongoing growth.
  • Integrity.  We hold a steadfast commitment to respect, fairness, empathy, and truthfulness in our actions and communications.   
  • Collaborative Community.  We share the belief that to build community, we need collaboration, trust, inclusiveness, courtesy, responsibility, and a shared framework of expectations. 
  • Creative Inquiry.  We strive to create a community of engaged, active learners eager to explore the questions that move them most and inspire action. We nurture this natural curiosity to foster the joy of learning throughout life. 

Characteristics of Professional Excellence

In fulfilling the mission of FAIS, the following specific behaviors and attitudes define professional excellence. An excellent teacher at FAIS: 

  1. Effectively uses a wide array of teaching strategies to meet the learning, emotional and psychological needs of a wide range of diverse learners.
  2. Displays a strong knowledge of school curriculum and subject matter.
  3. Understands and demonstrates the use of inquiry-based pedagogical techniques.
  4. Demonstrates a belief that all students can learn and experience success in different ways, depending on abilities, learning styles, preferences and interests.
  5. Skillfully and collaboratively contributes to the curriculum planning and evaluation process, using student assessment to improve learning and teaching.
  6. Models and respects the School’s core values of international mindedness, open-mindedness, integrity, collaboration, and creative inquiry
  7. Creates a classroom environment that promotes student learning while fostering respect, understanding, and acceptance of differences.
  8. Seeks out opportunities to grow professionally.
  9. Demonstrates active support for colleagues.
  10. Actively participates in the life of the School.
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