Looking to the Future: FAIS Campus Transformation

Head of School Pam Dreisin unveiled a very exciting vision for our campus at the November Lower School PLC Meeting.

The short-term and long-term campus plans, still in the preliminary stages with much vetting and planning to be done, have been developed over the past year by the FAIS Board of Trustees, working with a Portland architecture firm BOORA; as outlined in the article by Board Chair Ursula Garcia in the FAIS Magazine.

Following are key points from Pam's presentation, with renderings from BOORA illustrating the phases of change; it is anticipated that these phases will take place over several years with construction of the first stage occurring as early as summer 2017. The funding will likely come from a combination of fundraising and additional financing. The Board of Trustees is not considering an abnormal increase in tuition as a means of financing this vision. Pam was clear that this long-term master plan for FAIS is done not with the intention of growing the size of our community but with a focus on establishing permanent facilities that will enhance the exceptional learning that currently occurs at the School.


All of our classrooms for preschool through 8th grade are currently housed in modular buildings that are not meant to last forever. They have and still are serving us well, but will eventually need to be replaced.


During the first phase, a new Middle School would be built just below Parking Lot C. The Board and BOORA determined that this location was the best place to build and that the needs of this group of students make this location a good fit. This will free up Satellite 3 and part of Satellite 4.


During the second phase, a new Maternelle building will be built, on the site where Satellite 4 currently stands. It will have several features that will enhance the curriculum offerings for this age, including outdoor covered spaces and an age-appropriate playground.


During the third phase, our new Lower School building for 1st - 5th grades will be built on the site where the Maternelle building is currently located, providing easier access to the communal facilities most used by this age group (such as the playground).


With all of our campus built out, traffic will be diverted from the center of campus and an additional exit will aid the flow of cars during drop-off and pick-up. The center of our campus will be car-free (except for occasional deliveries), giving us an additional plaza space and enhanced safety for our students.


To learn more about Pam's conversation please see the Lower School PLC Meeting Minutes for November, located behind the Parent Portal

*All sketches are preliminary and subject to change.

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