Seventh Grade Statistics
Posted 06/15/2018 05:00PM

Recently 7th grade math and algebra classes have done a statistics project during which we thought about a question that we wanted the other students at Gilkey International Middle school to answer. As students, we were able to choose the most effective sampling method that would help alleviate any kind of bias when collecting our data. We worked in groups to collect this data and put it into a poster. Every question was different in order to allow us to understand the processes of collecting data, sampling, and graphing for statistics. There is no doubt that this knowledge will help us in the future.

During the statistics unit, we also touched up on statistics vocabulary and learned how to sample, organize, graph, and analyze data. We learned about sampling types and also explored misleading graphs and biased or unreliable data, which will be useful in the future. We learned about different graph types, including box and whisker plots, stem and leaf plots, and pie charts, and we learned how to analyze graphs to determine if and why graphs were misleading. Our understanding of the unit was enhanced by exploring some real-life circumstances. We learned how to identify unreliable data, and how to prevent bias in data collection.

The skills learned in this unit, such as how to recognize misleading graphs and how to collect, organize, and interpret data, will allow us to make more informed decisions and conclusions and will also help us when we eventually have jobs and may need to make presentations. Overall, it was interesting to see the responses to the range of topics such as time spent on video games, types of coffee 7th graders drink, amount of homework by track, if pineapple belongs on pizza, and Laurel versus Yanny.

View all student posters here.


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