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Remembering Virginie Calmé

In remembrance of Virginie Calmé, a former teacher who was part of the FAIS community from 2000 to 2017. She was a loving, caring, and inspiring mother to her two sons Etan and Eliot who were students at FAIS and who, like us, will miss her dearly. Our thoughts are with them and her husband, John. Virginie touched the lives of so many - students, families, colleagues, and more. Thank you Virginie for the impact you made on FAIS and the world.

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Third-grade Visits the Oregon Historical Society

The third-graders took a walk through history during their first field trip of the school year. FAIS third-graders visited the Oregon Historical Society on September 27 as part of their first unit of the year: Our Identity is Unique.

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All About the Brain

Nadine Zaouk-Strapart, a TPS teacher, spent the last 18 months studying neuroscience through the lens of education. She combined her passion for teaching with her interest in psychology and found a way to explore both. Her goal was to get an understanding of how brain development affects the way students learn.

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Full STEAM Ahead with Dr. Brown

This year, part of the FAIS mission of authentic inquiry, collaboration, and multiple teaching styles includes developing and streamlining a science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) program. To do so, FAIS welcomes Dr. Don Brown to serve as the school’s STEAM specialist.

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FAIS Alum Shares NASA Experience

FAIS Alumna, Lily Segna, (FAIS Class of 2019) traveled to Texas and participated in the NASA SEES (Stem Enhancement in Earth Science). Lily was selected out of more than 1,100 applicants for one of just 92 spots. Her team of six worked on a Mars research project.

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Welcome to year four of Scott's blog. In this post, Scott talks about impact and influence - the influence his students and athletes have had on him over the years.

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September Mission Moments

Throughout the year, we are sharing weekly mission moments on social media to demonstrate how the mission is playing out in our school on a regular basis. Here are the September Mission Moments

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