Coronavirus (COVID-19)

TPS-3rd Grade: In-person classes -- full days, five days per week
4th-8th Grade: Hybrid learning -- half days, five days per week
(transitioning April 26 to in-person classes -- full days, five days per week


In-person classes: full days, five days per week (February 8)

K-3rd Grade

In-person classes: full days, five days per week
(K-1st: March 1 / 2nd-3rd: March 4)

4th-5th Grade*

Hybrid: half days, five days per week (March 4)
*Transitioning to in-person classes (April 26)

6th-8th Grade*

Hybrid: half days, five days per week (March 8)
*Transitioning to in-person classes (April 26)

covid-19 virion

Current Data

Updated:  4/13/21
Source: Oregon Health Authority

New Reopening Metrics

(cumulative over preceding 14 days)

Full on-site learning

< 50.0 cases/100,000
< 5.0% test positivity

Hybrid learning
50.0 to < 200.0 cases/100,000
5.0% to < 10.0% test positivity

Elementary on-site and hybrid transition
200.0 to ≤ 350.0 cases/100,000
≤ 10.0% test positivity


County Case Rate and Test Positivity by Week

Multnomah County

  139.8 cases/100,000

  3.5% test positivity

Washington County

↑  123.2 cases/100,000

↑  4.6% test positivity

FAIS must meet metrics in both Mult. AND Wash. counties.


Community Emails


TPS-PK will return to campus for full days beginning Monday, February 8.

Ensuring a safe return to campus will require continued partnership from the entire FAIS community: faculty, staff, students, and families.

Virtual Family Fun

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