* Required

I hereby authorize my child’s participation in Gilkey Athletics. I, on behalf of myself and my child, assume all risks inherent in the sport. Inherent risks are those dangers or conditions that are an integral part of the particular sport, including the potential for serious physical harm, paralysis and death, due to collisions and/or contact with other players and/or objects and the potential of another player to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to the injury of my child. I know of no mental or physical problems that may affect my child’s ability to safely participate in this activity. I authorize the staff and/or volunteers to act on my behalf in any emergency requiring medical attention and attend to any health problem or injury to my child which occurs during this activity. I hereby release and hold harmless The French American International School and any staff or volunteers related to this activity from any and all claims including liability, injuries, or expenses that may arise from my child’s participation. I acknowledge that I am responsible for any and all medical expenses or other charges in connection with my child’s participation in this activity.