FAIS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees that does not represent a particular interest group, government or church agency.

The Board oversees the financial management of the School, engages in long-range planning and sets school policy. The daily management and operation of the School is the sole responsibility of the Head of School. The Board of Trustees comprises both parent members and community members who serve a term of three years and no more than two consecutive terms.

Board of Trustees Current Members

Lisanne Butterfield


Senior Litigator, Carr Butterfield, LLC

I chose to be on the FAIS Board of Trustees

"in order to help effectuate growth (where needed), and to preserve the values and academic excellence of FAIS. The same core values served my family well for 8+ years and I am grateful for that."

Ursula Garcia, Board of Trustees Vice Chair

Ursula pic.jpg


Human Resources Partner, Intel Corporation

I chose to be on the FAIS Board of Trustees

"because I believe in contributing positively wherever I can to the community, families and individuals I come into contact with. FAIS is an incredibly important part of our family's life, and we value the hard work and dedication of so many individuals who make the School great."

Diane Haughton, Secretary



Sr. Program Manager

I chose to be on the FAIS Board of Trustees

"because FAIS has provided an incredible and unique educational and social environment for our children for the past four years. Serving on the FAIS Board of Trustees enables me to utilize the skills developed over 20+ years in a variety of corporate roles toward the betterment of an institution which has great personal value and meaning to my family."

Jennifer Huffstetler, Strategic Marketing Committee Chair



Director Integrated Datacenter Marketing, Intel Corporation

I chose to be on the FAIS Board of Trustees

"because I want to contribute to the evolution of FAIS to ensure the benefits of bilingualism and international education continue to enhance the greater community."

Laura Hunter, Capital Campaign Steering Committee Chair

Laura Hunter


Managing Editor, World Journal of Surgery

I chose to be on the FAIS Board of Trustees

"because I have a strong dedication to the School and its mission. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to give a little extra of myself to help continue the excellence of FAIS in international education"

Eric Koppelman

Matt Litwin



Managing Director, Greycourt & Co.

I chose to be on the FAIS Board of Trustees

"because my family and I are enthusiastic supporters of the School's mission.  I am grateful for the opportunity to help FAIS continue to grow in a thoughtful and well-planned manner that provides the best educational opportunities for current and future students."

Kim Marcus

Kim Marcus 300 dpi1.jpg


Principal, Geologist; Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure Group

Megan Shipley

Tamara Still, Endowment Committee Chair

Tamara Still



I chose to be on the FAIS Board of Trustees

"because I love our school community; I am an educator, and I enjoy helping facilitate the education of our children; I have a long history of involvement with private institutions; I wish to serve our greater community by supporting the work that FAIS does to educate our children and create the next generation of actively involved citizens."

Elisabeth Zeller, Board of Trustees Chair

Elisabeth Zeller


Senior Finance Manager, Intel Corp; Finance and Operations Manager, Intel Foundation

I chose to be on the FAIS Board of Trustees

"because I wanted to give back to a community that I'm proud to be a part of and that is enriching our daughter's life. My background in nonprofit and foundation management and my corporate finance experience were skills that the Board was seeking, and I'm honored to have been asked to serve."