International High School Program at Northwest Academy

The Gilkey International High School Program consists of advanced, immersion-based language courses for students with a solid, high-level foundation of the language and the ability to read, analyze, and discuss literature and grade-level appropriate material in the language. 

T hese specialized year-long courses focus on increasing students' fluency and proficiency in reading, comprehension, as well as written and oral communication. 

Critical thinking skills will be emphasized; students will be encouraged to express their own opinions, reflect on these opinions, and analyze opposing viewpoints. They will be exposed to a variety of topics drawn from literary pieces as well as current events and from a variety of sources. Students will continue to work on developing fluency (pace, rhythm, intonation, expanded vocabulary).

The year-long courses may be taken for high school credit and are located at NW Academy. Tuition is $2,500/year, and high school students from any high school or high school grade level are welcome to enroll. Classes will be held during first period at 7:50 AM, three days a week:

Monday: 7:50-9:30 AM
Tuesday: 7:50-8:50 AM
Thursday: 7:50-9:30 AM

For more information on these courses, please contact Emmanuelle Burk: (503) 292-7776 x602 .

French Students

This class will serve to prepare students to take the DELF/DALF exams up through B2. It will also serve as strong groundwork for students to enroll in a C1 (French DALF) preparation class, which is required to adequately prepare students to the specificities of this particular exam. The after school DELF/DALF programs will continue to be offered once a week on the FAIS campus for the students who are not able to enroll in the high school course.

Tuition Refund Plan

FAIS is pleased to offer an optional tuition refund plan through insurance company A.W.G. Dewar.  It will not only provide an allowance of tuition and fees in the event of withdrawal of a student for medical causes but also in the event of withdrawal for other reasons or dismissal by the School.  Annual tuition charges, both prepaid and outstanding are insured.  For more information please download the Tuition Refund Plan brochure or contact Director of Finance Paul Mallon.